French Tutoring and Learning French Through Play!

Why Work With Aiducation?

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    Take the frustration out of homework

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    Improve your child's French language skills

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    Help your child succeed

Our tutors primarily support the Ontario and Manitoba Ministry of Education curriculum, however, they adapt to alternative approaches for those who chose to home school.

Our tutors provide virtual sessions and face-to-face sessions where possible. ONE-on-ONE online education can be as effective as it is face to face. This is a very different experience from the online group class. The learning is done in a fun way using an interactive whiteboard as well as online exercises.


Help with homework

The tutor and the student review the concepts seen in the classroom.

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French enrichment

The tutor works with the student to improve their French language skills.

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Remedial support

The tutor and the student review the concepts to be worked on.

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Exam preparation

Exam prep is hard! Our tutors will help your child succeed.

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Home education

If you choose to home-school your children, the tutor can accompany you with the teaching style you have chosen or by expanding with a more traditional curriculum.

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Learning French Through Play

Participants will learn about Francophone artists, French music, French expressions, as well as the French vocabulary through structured and entertaining activities.