About Us

About Us

Welcome to Aiducation!

Although based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Aiducation provides one-on-one French tutoring across Ontario. Our tutors provide virtual sessions and face-to-face sessions when possible.

Aiducation was created out of a need for French tutoring services and the lack of access with the help of the local French non-profit adult education centre, Novocentre.

We aspire to be the francophone reference in the field of tutoring, homework assistance and exam preparation in Ontario. We strive to provide the academic support and guidance your child needs for academic success.

At Aiducation, academic success is:

Mastering the essential school skills such as confidence, concentration and work ethic
Decreased stress from homework and anxiety about exams
Improving academic performance

Give your child the tools to succeed in their French studies with Aiducation.

Our Tutors

At Aiducation, we have an exceptional team of tutors that provide support and guidance to enhance your child’s academic success through an excellent tutoring experience. It is our practice to match your child with a tutor based on the student's individualized needs to ensure your child will succeed both individually and academically.

That's not all! At the parent's request, the tutor will contact your child's teacher to ensure a good teamwork approach.


Rachelle Mayer

Subject(s): Français

Rachelle has more than 20 years of experience supporting francophone students towards improving reading and writing at elementary and intermediate levels. Over the years, she has accumulated several resources to help improve these basic skills among young people and has developed various ways to accommodate learning styles. Rachelle believes that reading is an important key to academic success.


“Thank you all for all your help over the years, Mme Rachelle. You have been a stable, positive and caring influence on my son and we cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given him over the years. Without you, he would still be 4 years behind, I cannot verbalize the appreciation I feel.” – K. Martin


Zach Chapman

Subject(s): Français langue seconde et mathématiques

Zacharri's experience primarily revolves around guiding youth from JK to grade 8 to succeed in French as a second language. He has also had the opportunity to immerse himself in a French environment in Nova Scotia during a semester at university. He really enjoys sharing his experiences and inspiring youth.

"Hey, my name is Zach and I am studying French and primary education at Lakehead University and soon to be an elementary school teacher. I was lucky enough to enjoy school when I was younger, and I would love to share that interest in learning however I can."


Lorraine St-Pierre

Subject(s): Français

Lorraine has worked over 20 years at a French-language elementary school in Ontario. She is familiar with the school curriculum and has helped improve the reading and writing skills among 4 to 12 year olds. The parents of her students at Aiducation report a very high level of satisfaction.

"I am passionate about learning and young people. I listen and adapt to the student, his special needs and his way of learning."


Élyse Champaigne-Klassen

Subject(s): Français

Élyse is the librarian at a French elementary school in Thunder Bay and has worked with youth for the last 5 years. Over that time, she has researched youth and child resilience for the last 7 years, in Canada and Australia. She has experience educating at the elementary and secondary level running youth mental health programs and tutoring.

“I am deeply passionate about education and helping kids reach that Eureka! moment of understanding. Coming from Sudbury, a bilingual city, taught me how important the French language is to connect us to our francophone culture, to people across the world and in opening the doors of opportunity.”


Joey Deschamps

Subject(s): Mathématiques et sciences

Joey is a biochemistry student at Lakehead University. Joey has been tutoring francophones in science and mathematics for almost 4 years now. 

"My goal is to make learning math and science more engaging, interactive and accessible in the hope of increasing math and science literacy beyond the classroom walls!"


Aristide Morake

Subject(s): Français

Does your child need help in French? Aristide has been teaching for nearly seven years. He offers tutoring sessions to improve student reading and writing at all levels.

“It is an honour for me to be able to teach the language of Molière to those who wish to improve and to pass on my appreciation for this language that is dear to me.”